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We raise registered and unregistered miniature and standard donkeys

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At Jenny’s Assets we are dedicated to producing and raising healthy and lovable miniature and standard donkeys for a special family pet, breeding, or showing. 

We are a small farm located in Morris, Illinois but focus on raising quality donkeys. We specialize in unique color, conformation, size, pedigree and warm personalities. We love our donkeys and spend a great deal of time with them and want to make sure they are going to the proper homes. Whether breeding, showing or just a special family pet, it is important that you are happy with your purchase and that our donkey(s) is happy with you! We will only sell a single donkey to a home that has other donkey companions that meet their needs (see under History and Care why Donkeys Need Donkey Buddies). Otherwise, we prefer to sell ours in bonded pairs so they can continue their friendship on another loving farm!