Purchase Process

Our donkeys are a loving part of our family here at Jenny’s Assets. We take great care in making sure that if and when we sell our donkeys they are going to another loving home that is ready to love and care for them properly from the start. We are always here to help and answer any questions if you are interested in adding donkeys to your farm and long after you bring your donkeys home. We invest in quality stock to ensure well-bred donkeys for generations to enjoy! We have alternating Jennet herds so they are not bred back each year and have time off to relax and enjoy their donkey life!

Before you bring your donkeys home you must have the proper space and shelter. It is strongly advised to search and have ready before you bring your donkeys home a connection with a Large Animal Veterinarian and hoof trimmer that is comfortable with donkeys. Please read more under “Donkey History and Care”.

  • Our donkeys are fed high quality feed, are all vaccinated annually, dewormed regularly as needed via fecal testing, and have their feet trimmed every 3 months (or more often if needed especially if young). Our miniature donkeys are registered with ADMS and micro-chipped.


  • All of our donkeys are sold with a new halter, lead rope, health records, transfer papers (Registered Donkeys), information on how to care for your donkey(s), and other donkey information and products that I have found to be helpful. All donkeys sold out of state will have a Coggins test before leaving our farm.


  • We accept payment via certified check, Venmo, or Paypal (add 3% to sales price for PayPal payments).


  • A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to hold your donkey. We do not hold donkeys without a deposit. All donkeys must be paid in full before being picked upped or delivered. In unique circumstances we can discuss a payment plan option per a written agreement.


  • We do offer discounts on multiple purchases and greater discounts for already bonded pairs to keep them together for that very reason. It really is important to never separate an already bonded pair.


  • We will happily help you arrange delivery but we do not provide delivery for you unless otherwise arranged. Delivery expenses are not our responsibility and will be an additional fee. If we do not do the delivery then we can assist with connecting you to a Certified Equine Transport hauler. We have sold donkeys to Louisiana, California, Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana and all over Illinois.


Our donkeys health and happiness is our top priority!